Private Session with Jason

Jason Lewis is a board certified massage therapist with over 15 years of experience. Jason enjoys helping people get on the path of wellness and becoming pain free by focusing on chronic pain issues with a variety of techniques.

Therapies Available from Jason

Pain Free Work

Pain Free bodywork is designed specifically to reduce chronic musculoskeletal pain by realigning the body and restoring range of movement.

The work is a combination of Adaptive Bodywork, Rossiter Technique, Deep Tissue and Structural Integration(Rolfing).

Sessions are typically a ½ hour long, clothes-on treatment. Wearing comfortable clothes is recommended.

All Pain Free sessions include:

  • A comprehensive intake to help determine health goals and course of treatment

  • Self care techniques with demonstrations tailored to each clients' needs to help maintain a pain free state

  • Pain Free packages include a foam roll and therapeutic ball with detailed instruction for effective self care

Pain Free Session

See how effective the Pain Free techniques can be with an individual session.

Pain Free Package

• 4 - ½ hour Pain Free sessions

Perfect for those committed to working out a specific pain condition or two.

Pain Free Package Plus

• 3 - ½ hour Pain Free sessions

• 1 - full body, hour long harmonizing session

Helps integrate the therapeutic work with the whole body.

Pain Free Maintenance Package

• 10 - ½ hour Pain Free sessions

Great for addressing multiple chronic pain issues and maintaining a managed pain state.

Structural Integration

Structural integration, otherwise known as Rolfing, is a comprehensive approach to reorganizing and realigning the connective tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia) of the body. The benefits from this 10 session series include postural adjustments, pain reduction, increased range of motion and improved body awareness. Receiving structural work can be a fascinating journey into a better understanding of your own body and an empowering healing experience.

  • 10 – 1 hour sessions

  • Thorough health history and intake

  • Postural analysis

  • Session to session progress assessments

A great way to balance the physical body in a wholistic way.

Spa Style Massage

Sometimes treating yourself to a full body relaxational style massage is what's needed! Using classical Swedish circulatory and/or relieving deep tissue techniques, this satisfying massage is a great way to relieve stress while getting just the right amount of therapeutic attention on key areas.

  • 1 – hour session